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Pearl City Soccer Club

 Mission Statement

The mission of the Pearl City Soccer Club is to develop and empower players through professional coaching.  We set a high standard for our professional staff in order to pass on the knowledge, passion, and values to our players so that they can become the best person and soccer player that they can possibly be.


The reason to build this club is to bring another level of coaching to the Muscatine, West Liberty, and surrounding communities.  We believe that in order for soccer players to excel in the sport of soccer, you need to have professional instruction and be taught the game and life values by coaches that have been involved with the game at its highest level along with showing you the importance of good values as an individual.  We want to build a complete pathway for players from the youth recreational level all the way to semi professional.

Coaching Philosophy

We believe in taking a long term approach in developing players.  Players need to have the ability to start developing at a young age in order to build the technical skills to be able to play the game at a high level as they grow older.  This means that the amount of playing time is critical for this process to work.  We will try to give every player up to the u12 level the same amount of playing in order to maximize the amount of time on the ball from each player.  Each player will be given the opportunity to play multiple positions till this age in order for the player to learn different positions which gives them a better understanding of the game and makes them a more complete player.  Winning is something that we all as competitors like but will not be the measure of success for our younger teams.  We want to focus on the development of players that will give each player the necessary skills in order to excel at the u15 and above ages which is when winning becomes a priority.